Bermuda & What The World Needs Now

Windsong_butteryNo place on earth is exactly perfect, and that includes Bermuda. But, every now and then, here at Sinclair Realty, we experience an especially poignant reminder of what makes Bermuda special and why that — in this era of Terrorism, Brexit and Trump — owning a home on this island is more relevant than ever. Recently, John and I dined with an international couple to celebrate a progressing sale.  Like many of Bermuda’s luxury home buyers, they are capable of purchasing just about anywhere in the world. Yet for various reasons, and after careful study, they have developed confidence in this island.   Bermuda’s high ranking in per capita income and quality of life were influencing factors. Convenience and proximity to the United States are very important, and equally so is the fact that Bermuda is not the United States. However, when we raised our glasses, the toast was to something much deeper, more intrinsic … something that much of the world sorely lacks right now, but which Bermuda offers in relative abundance.  The salute was to Civility ( with a capital “C”).  For Bermudians and Bermuda residents, it’s quite easy to miss the forest for the trees. And the beautiful woman who looks in the mirror does not always see herself as such.   The natural grace of the Bermudian people is a bit like this. The world needs more Bermuda these days.

Global Exposure: Bermuda Features At Christie’s Dubai 10th Anniversary

Artist Hayv Kahraman

This week, March 13th – 17th, Sinclair Realty Bermuda LLC  joins our Christie’s International Real Estate affiliates from London, Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, La Jolla, Tuscany and Marrakesh in sponsorship of the 10th anniversary of Christie’s Dubai with an intensive week of spectacular art sales and integrated auction house exposure for Bermuda’s flagship real estate and the region’s ultra-high-net work art collectors.

Art market history was made in 2006 when Christie’s held its first auction of International Modern & Contemporary Art in the Middle East. Since then, Christie’s has gone on to sell more than US$235 million worth of art in Dubai and firmly established itself as the leading auction house in the region. This year marks Christie’s Dubai 10th anniversary and its spring sales will coincide with Art Dubai, the leading international art fair in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

This weeks curated anniversary sale, Now and Ten, showcases the very best of modern and contemporary art from the region, including Iranian masterpieces drawn from the collection of Akbar and Sousan Seif Nasseri. This will be followed by a second auction of Modern & Contemporary Middle Eastern Art that will bring together important works from the most sought after artists of the region.  Important Watches features a wide selection of vintage and modern timepieces crafted by the most sought after names while handbags, jewels and timepieces will be offered in an Elements of Style auction, for the first time in Christie’s Dubai’s history.

If you would like to learn more about important artists of the Middle East, we encourage you to visit

Bermuda Lifestyles: Privacy

To live happily, let us live privately”, wrote the 18th-Century French poet, Jean Pierre Claris de Florian._DSC0833-1

While there will always be demand in Bermuda for homes offering quality waterfront, beachfront and water views, our most recent sales here at Sinclair Realty LLC provide evidence of a new trend with a previously under-rated attribute emerging to the fore … a quest for privacy. Here for your consideration are two very special, yet extremely different, properties — at varying price points — which offer this precious commodity:

Rural Home Site Near The Mid Ocean Club. If you are seeking a private home site with rural character, astounding water and golf course views, along with a convenient ‘east of Hamilton’ location — it will be challenging indeed to find a more intriguing choice than this 1.1-acre building site tucked away on Judkin Lane at the Smith’s-Hamilton Parish boundary.  With permission in-principle for over 6000 square feet of development, the property is offered by Sinclair Realty Bermuda | Christie’s International Real Estate at $1.2 million gross. What makes it so private? Your immediate neighbours include the Mid Ocean Club and the Bermuda National Trust, plus conservation zoning in the surrounding area encourages a mindful approach to development.

One Of The Most Private Homes In Tucker’s Town.   Even in what is widely considered Bermuda’s most exclusive residential enclave, there are actually only a handful of estates that cannot be glimpsed – at least to some degree — by the passerby.   Ensconced from it neighbours on two lush acres with an amazing deepwater dock and views across the water to Frick’s Point, Shell Point on Castle Harbour is one of the fortunate few.   Behind the verdant plantings and whitewashed garden wall is an understated gem comprising a two-to-three bedroom main house, a delightful guest cottage, and an apartment suitable for guests or staff.  We love this property for many reasons, but especially for its  authenticity (walking the grounds of Shell Point, you can be nowhere else but beautiful Bermuda)  and for its supreme privacy.   Yet, the beaches, golf, dining and other amenities of the private Mid Ocean and Tucker’s Point clubs are within an easy walk or golf cart ride.

Pour vivre heureux, vivons caches!

Bermuda Throne Speech 2015: Restoring Confidence & Opportunity

Confidence is returning, opportunities are growing. The mood is positive, the outlook promising.

Delivered by His Excellency the Governor on Friday, November 13th, we encourage all Bermudians and Bermuda residents to read the 2015 Speech From The Throne, which outlines the Bermuda Government’s plans for the coming year.  The full text is available here.

Christie’s Auction Spotlight: NY Breaks $1 Billion Mark

localimagereaderLast Monday night at Rockefeller Plaza was simply one of the most amazing evenings in New York auction history with Christie’s stunning record sale of Modigliani’s “Nu Couché” at more than $170 million.  The buyer?  A former Chinese taxi driver turned billionaire who will bring the masterpiece to  Shanghai where he owns two private museums.   But the Modigliani was not Christie’s only success as the running total for the week of New York sales has topped $1 billion.  More here from Christie’s: Read more

Well Said | Why Bermuda?

As the only Bermuda real estate company dedicated solely to the luxury market, we are so fortunate at Sinclair Realty LLC to work and interact with some of the world’s most accomplished, thoughtful people.  It would be difficult to find a more eloquent summary of  ‘why buy Bermuda‘ than this recent comment from one of our international clients who has owned luxury waterfront homes on this island for more than 30 years:

Of course, there are different courses for different horses, but for a place you can easily come in and out of, where staples and medicines are familiar, where expectations are high and usually met, where there are seasons, where you can reliably manage your affairs and still be away — Bermuda beats anything we know.

World-class in Tucker’s Town, Bermuda


A Bermuda Phenomenon: Cocktail Party Real Estate

The Chelston Estate on Grape Bay Beach is a shining example of distinguished living and hosting, Bermuda style, for more than half a century. Price On Request
The Chelston Estate on Grape Bay Beach is a shining example of distinguished living and hosting, Bermuda style. Price On Request

One of the most endearing aspects of life in  Bermuda is the sociability and hospitality of its residents. Whether it’s on the boat, in celebration of Cup Match or the America’s Cup, in black tie, or at a cocktail gathering overlooking the sea, we love to entertain and to be entertained. Of course, like in any small community,  a good party includes at least a little gossip.  And given that a love of real estate is written into the Bermudian DNA ( … remember that for decades Bermudians could only invest in real estate because of foreign  exchange controls …) at any party,  in any corner of the room,  somebody will be talking about recent property sales, prices, and generally ‘who’s doing what’. Interesting? Certainly!  You might even come away from the evening with some genuine gems of inside market knowledge.  But more probably, what you experienced at that party the other night was a grown-up version of Chinese Whispers.

Here at Sinclair Realty LLC, we really do enjoy a good party as much as anyone.  But we also devote an enormous amount of time to the collection and careful analysis of the facts, trends and factors influencing Bermuda’s luxury real estate market.  We do this because we know that quality information is paramount to successful decision-making about sale and purchase.    Many buyers and sellers — Bermudians, PRC holders and Non-Bermudians alike — are unaware that Bermuda does not currently have a central source of real estate sales information and statistics.  While all sales must be registered in the Bermuda Government Land Transfer Records, these are basic paper records that omit key information.  Unless one is highly familiar with the property and the transaction,  the Government records are, in our opinion, of only limited value.  Also, by virtue of the timeframe permitted for registration, these records are always approximately six months out of date. So, unless you are relying on the Bermuda grapevine (ripe with misinformation), it’s likely that a real estate agent will be your primary source of market data,  the quality of which will only be as professional, complete, and truthful as the agent who provides it to you.

Sinclair Realty’s luxury market research and analysis is original, thorough,  surprising at times, and beyond anything you may read in the local press.  If you are a serious buyer or seller of Bermuda luxury real estate, and you would like to gain a more accurate understanding of how this market sector is truly performing in real time, we welcome your call at +1-441-296-0278.  (Cheers!)

The scene of many fabulous Bermuda Events
Bellevue Beach House: the scene of many fabulous Bermuda gatherings. Offered at US $8.75 million